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The Website Discovery Process

Did You Know: 97% of Local Buyers and Service Seekers Start by Searching Online?

This means your website is, more often than not, the first contact your potential customer will have with your company. Your mobile first web design is critical to your customers' actions with you.

It’s important that your website establishes trust, showcases, and markets your services or products effectively, including moving visitors to take action. This can be by contacting your business, scheduling an appointment online or purchasing online.

It must also load fast on all devices, particularly mobile devices of all kinds.

Thus we developed the "Website Strategic Discovery Process." It works like this...

Website Discovery

6 Steps to Success

Step 1

Discovery Meeting

To get started with your mobile first website design, we'll have a discovery meeting to learn more about your customers and your company.

This ensures your website is built for a profitable relationship between you and your web users.

It's how we get informed about your brand, create a custom strategy, and set project goals.

Step 2


This is where we stand out from other web design firms.

As a marketing team that provides websites, we do thorough research of your market. This ensures we don't build a website full of platitudes like most firms.

We will make your true value standout to your web visitors.

Step 3


After completing the research, we'll outline your project, create milestones, and agree on priorities.

Now we have a strategic plan in place that aligns with your vision. marketing strategy, and makes your goals achievable.

Step 4

Site Creation

With the outline complete, visual concepts of your custom project will be created by our creative and development team.

We'll begin with one of our proven layouts.

Then review and revise the content so it aligns with your customer needs and marketing goals

Step 5

Site Testing

Now it's time for review and testing.

This ensures the quality of your brand new, mobile first website design.

This step is of ultimate value for you because your reputation (and ours) comes from us delivering a website that works as desired.

Step 6


The final step is to present you with your live, custom, mobile first website.

Upon approval, your new website project will be made live to the world on your desired web address.

It's ready to promote and be a major part of any online marketing strategy you deploy.

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