Mobile-First Web Design Done for You

Never Worry About Hackers, Poor Performance, Site Maintenance, Or High Hosting Costs Ever Again!

You get a complete, market leading web design positioning you at the top or your market for visitors and for search. You'll never worry again about your website's ability to convert leads and sales on any digital device.

The Buyer's Mobile Experience is Driving Sales...

It's all About Mobile, Here's Why...

decision making consumer

82% of customers use their mobile phone while making a decision about purchasing in-store.


sad consumer

52% of consumers are put off with a business after a bad mobile experience.


decision making consumer

Mobile influenced offline spending was more than $1 Trillion.


comparison shopping consumer

80% of buyers used their mobile phones inside a store for product reviews, price comparison, and alternative options and locations.


customer leaving

40% go to a competitor after a bad experience with your mobile site.


Introducing Think Dominance Mobile First

Making Your Website with Speed and Copy the Sells

Migrate WordPress and Wix website content to Mobile-First technology today.
Transform your website to a virtually un-hack-able, fast-loading, incredibly secure masterpiece
Your low, upfront payment today covers full development and up five, 1st-month changes after site completion.
Be the clear market leader with the fastest loading, best-performing mobile and desktop website (loads in 3 seconds or less)
Take a market SEO advantage over your competitor "Mobile-First" indexing in Google's mobile searches
Choose from over 90 design style templates and we quickly create stunning website designs customized for your business.

Mobile-First Keeps Visitors on Your Site

Here's Why they Stay Longer and Convert to Leads and Sales More Often...

  • Dramatically Increase Site Speed On ALL DEVICES
  • Complete Design Flexibility for Total Customization
  • Your new site will load in under 3-seconds exceeding Google specs
  • Fully HTTPS capable for secure connections by viewers
  • Includes Hosting For All Think Dominance Mobil-First Sites
  • Closed Source For Unmatched Site Security
  • Automatically Optimized for SEO and Speed to keep potential customers on your site
  • Social Media Links and full Facebook tab integration

Why Mobile Friendly and Mobile Responsive

Just Won't Hack it in 2020 and Beyond

Any web development approach focusing on building a site that's "mobile friendly" or "mobile responsive" causes all sorts of problems for today's buyers. These problems go way beyond performance.

Website editing for desktop and mobile on nearly all platforms is a complete nightmare! Things that are in one place on your computer screen are in totally different places on your mobile phone or tablet. Then you find yourself going back and forth, reshaping your main site to make sure it works on mobile.

This is truly backwards for today's mobile-first consumers and clients.

What if Your Site Was Built for the Way Your Buyers Search?

Building sites the classic way is completely frustrating and a huge waste of time. We've built sites for years, so we know.

Even worse for you and has a larger effect on your potential buyers, is you're compromising the performance of your website!

Platforms like Wordpress, GoDaddy, and Wix can't load quickly when there's so much to figure out in the background after adding all your unique design elements, plugins, and scripts.

So, the question remained...

man watching clock

How could we get you the absolute most incredible performance on all devices and end the editing and development headache for both you and us?

Then we found the answer is amazingly simple...

What if we reversed everything?

What if we build for the smallest mobile device first?

If Mobile First is Truly First, Then...

It makes perfect sense...

The idea behind current websites should be reversed. You can't be mobile-first if you build the desktop first.

Instead, we start building your pages on the smallest screen first, because it forces you to add the most important elements on your site first. Then add additional elements as the screen size increases.

This ensures everything fits together as it should, because you've essentially built your site for each size screen, instead of trying to shrink a larger site into a smaller screen. No more square pegs in round holes.

Like so many ideas, it sounds great in theory, but would it actually work?

two web users

Think Dominance Consistently Beats the 3-Second Load Time

Do You Need More?

Here's the Odds from Google's Testing...

Google testing Benchmarks

Real World Case Study

Google Evaluates BMW

BMW Steering Wheel

"We had four goals for the new site. The first goal was speed. The second and third goals? Speed. Our fourth goal was to leverage our consumer insights to create a dynamic and resourceful marketing outlet.

The new mobile site loads 3X faster. The proportion of people clicking from to a BMW sales site soared from 8% to 30%. The number of our mobile users has risen by 27%. And SEO now generates 49% more site visits than the old site.

We were very happy with the look and feel of the new site. It’s fast, beautiful, informative, engaging — everything we wanted it to be. But that’s not even the best part. Because, for us, this was never just about aesthetics. We rebuilt our mobile site with the expectation that it would improve performance. And the results we saw far exceeded our expectations."

- Jörg Poggenpohl, global head of digital marketing at BMW Group

Making Your Mobile Site a Success

5 Key Elements to a Highly Effective Mobile Site - Beyond Speed

Making Mobile Form Entry Seamless

Let's face it, folks hate filling out forms. But they're necessary. So, make it seamless.

Streamline to ask for only absolutely necessary information.

Offer users a number pad for fields using number entry, and automatically advance them when a field or form is complete.

Choose the simplest entry method possible. Use toggle or dropdown fields whenever possible.

Use a visual calendar for dates and time.

Have clear labels to let visitors know what you really need.

Supports the Customer's or Client's Journey

Your mobile site will work best for you if it provides your visitors a way to put the visit on their own terms.

You can achieve this by making it easy for visitors to explore your site. Don't make them register too early.

Allow buyers to purchase as a guest. Don't force them to sign up for your site. Having an online account should be optional.

When possible, pre-filling forms will be helpful to account holders visiting your site.

Have a click to call button easily available.

Mobile visitors may be researching to convert later, so offer a simple way to resume their journey on another device via social sharing, email or save-to-cart functionality.

Your Successful Mobile Homepage

A very important space. Your homepage is a 3-in-one reception area for welcoming, messaging and promotion.

It should have a call to action that is front in center.

Short and simple menu structure for ease of use.

It should encourage navigation to other places in your site with an easy return to home.

Easy Site Search for Mobile Users

Site search should be accessible on your homepage. It's important to allow visitors quickly find things they seek.

It should be easily visible and one of the first things mobile visitors see.

It should return relevant results when used.

Filters should be available to narrow or tighten searches.

For a site with a wide audience, some questions to focus search should be used.

Form Factor for Excellent Mobile Usability

Mobile customers love the small things you do for them to enhance their experience on your mobile site.

Here are 7 things to how to include in your entire site to for superb mobile form factor and meeting unique user demands.


What You Get With Your Mobile First Site

That Makes it All Worth Choosing to Change

A homepage design made totally for your customers' ease of use
A website specifically for your customers' journey
Built in site search (or choice not to use it)
Unique, seamless forms for you leads, clients and customers
Excellent mobile usability on all pages
You'll rest comfortably knowing you have the fastest website in your market on ANY device.
Have peace of mind that your site is hosted on a closed source platform providing you top-notch security against DDOS attacks and hacking threats - and your hosting is free
A built-in CRM to make lead generation a snap
Fully ecommerce ready including Paypal and Stripe integration
Ability to choose unique content for different device sizes
Completely customize the style of your website from backgrounds, headers, footers, fonts, to custom CSS, and more
Every page is equipped with full SEO capabilities for top optimization. Hide pages from search engines, if you want
Fully compatible with most custom scripts you may desire to run on your mobile pages
You can add a custom, full-fledged blog to any page
Analytics (Facebook Pixels, Referral Tracking, and Google Analytics)
Real Estate Listings, Menu widgets, coupon widgets, scratch-card widgets and more
Full SSL (https) available (add on) for all sites

This is the future of business on the web is mobile first capability, and you're getting the chance, right now, to take advantage of an unbelievable opportunity to take the lead in your market. Be one of the first to use Think Dominance Mobile First sites and see instant results in site speed and start climbing the search engine rankings. Confidently know your sites are 100% optimized for ALL mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices.

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