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Why Any Business Owner Wanting More from Online Consumers

Should be Worried About Why Google Wants Mobile-First..

Direct from Google in February 2019...

"The mobile web remains the most widely used platform in a world where people have more ways than ever before to search, browse, and shop. But it’s no longer enough to have just a mobile presence. Business growth requires the speedy mobile experience that people expect and demand today."

Delay time effect on conversions

Your Mobile First Website Designed to Gain You Top Marketing Position and Increase Market Share

Created To Meet Or Exceed Google's Mobile First Best Practices

The mobile-first web design and creation method is as it sounds: designing for the smallest mobile screen first and working your way up to tablets, ipads, laptops and desktop computers.

Your site starts with an adaptive design for lightening speed on mobile devices. This means that our system creates your website and webpage layout designed for each type of mobile device, tablet and desktop system.

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In the past, and even today, virtually every system creates a website for the desktop first. Then it 'resizes, or reduces' that page down to fit a mobile device, table or laptop. This resizing slows down the delivery to your visitors, and depending on how slow the site is presented.

Google and others have proven you DO loose customers from slow loading sites.

Our system adapts to the screen size of your visitors and loads "market-leading" fast.

When a search is done, our system recognizes the device as a mobile phone, a tablet or desktop, and presents the perfect website or webpage for that specific device.

Plus - as a proven SEO company with certified web copywriters, we build in professional SEO and can write copy that sells for you (as needed). Few companies can claim this.

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A Website Built for Mobile Phones First

When making a first impression with your customers and clients on mobile phones, you can do it best with our mobile first technology websites. Your website is created specifically for mobile phones first.

The type of mobile mobile phone doesn't matter. When someone searches for your site, it will fit their phone perfectly, and load extremely fast.

Everyone demands fast page loading speed. Your website built by us keeps your customers from leaving for competitors because they won't have to wait for the webpage to load.

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Certified Copywriters Means Copy that Sells

Your website must look good and load fast on all devices, but it must do much more. We don't build expensive business cards that look good on mobile and load fast.

You get a web copy that sells. Our team includes an AWAI verified copywriter and Digital Marketer Direct Response Copywriting specialist. We write for you to sell.

If you need new copy, you can get the best with your mobile first website created here.

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Intelligent SEO for Achieving Page One Results

Your website is designed to fit into your current or future SEO strategies and boost results. If you don't use SEO, you will now by default.

It's designed to make search engines love it. Fast loading, responsive, and flexible with mobile first at the heart of its design.

Your website will fit any digital marketing strategy you employ and make both search engines and customers/clients want to be on your web pages.

Your Web site will always include:

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Google Custom Analytics

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Free Hosting

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Unlimited Traffic

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Redundant Backups

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Premium Support

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